The island of Cyprus, our club and the extraordinary equipment of our partners FELT and MAVIC in our station are more than just an alternative for multi-sport athletes who search and appreciate superb circumstances. The southerly location of Cyprus offers higher temperatures than the northern Mediterranean area and many a time there are warm and pleasant desert winds arriving from the Levantine coast. The Mediterranean Sea around Cyprus has the highest water temperatures of the entire region. Temperatures are around 17 °C in February and 28 °C in August.

Therefore, duathletes and triathletes will find the very best conditions for a perfect training camp around the area of Club Aldiana. The location of our Zypernbike hotel Club Aldiana is ideal. Side roads low in traffic are just a few metres away from our hotel’s gateway.

Aside from the extraordinary roads for cycling training, there are plenty of paths for running. The speciality here is the opportunity to perform a swim training in the shallow and calm waters of the Sea – under conditions similar to those in a competition.

Famous athletes, like the Swiss Urs Dellsberg, former duathlon long-distance world champion, or the Olympic triathlete Brigitte McMahon already tested Cyprus years ago and deemed it to be excellent. Kai Hundertmarck, Lothar Leder and Steffen already supervised multiple triathlon training camps in Club Aldiana, Cyprus.

Currently, the Zypernbike team for the field of duathlon/triathlon is alternately led by Christina Waitz (twice world champion in Hawaii, ages 18-24, and vice world champion MTB 24h) and Felix Saur (5150 European champion, age group 25, in 2013),) as well as by Ironman starter Matthias Dippong (with trainer license C), Karl Jakob (starter/finisher in Roth/Germany) and Maxi Kirmeier (among others, Bavarian half distance champion) during the event and training weeks.