Roadbike Cyprus

Cyprus is an insider’s tip for roadbike cyclists: There’s everything from flat stages to hilly climbs – and always with the sun on your side. Everyone travelling to Cyprus for roadcycling is well served in the south or south-east: There, you will find predominantly flat, fully developed roads, while the foothills of the Troodos Mountains are relatively close. In the island’s west, climbing specialists riding the aforementioned Troodos Mountains will find sensational routes which lead up to Mount Olympus, reaching heights of 1.952 meter.

The months between October and June are usually best for roadcyclists. In the summer months temperatures rise up to 37 degrees Celsius sometimes – almost too hot for training during the day. Roadcyclists, then, choose to ride early in the morning or in the evening.

Roadbike Tours

Starting from our bike station at Club Aldiana, you have the opportunity to either join guided mountain bike and racing bike tours or follow individual routes.

We offer tours for various Performance Levels . From beginners to professionals – every preference is covered.

Guided Tours

Spring Season – Roadbike – March 1st* to April 30th
Daily guided tours according to a week schedule. Depending on the demand and the number of guests being present, 2-3 difficulty levels can be offered, for beginners, wallowers and athletes.
In the main training season (March), we are organising quick and long tours as well. Individual guests, who are not residing in Club Adiana, can join tours from/to Club Adiana if they wish. Coordination is done in consultation with the bike station in Club Aldiana.

For groups of ten and bigger, individual programmes/tours are possible upon arrangement.
*Slight changes might arise from differing re-opening dates after the winter break.

Autumn Season – Roadbike – October 15th to November 30th
At least one guided tour a day within the frame of a weekly schedule, where the performance level is adjusted to the fitness of the racing cyclists present.
During the roadbike-weeks there are also bigger tours in 1 to 2 strength groups. These tours are shuttle-supported.


On request or if necessary, the tours are adjusted to the preferences of our cycling guests by the group leaders, so that possible exhaustion in high altitudes or long tours is avoided.
A minimum number of participants can be set for each racing bike tour. The division as well as the assignment to the various levels takes place on site and is carried out by the group leader/station management.

The roadbike-tours follow well-developed roads low in traffic, over beautiful mountain passes, along flat coastlines and through fascinating areas in the regions of Troodos, Commandaria, Pitsilia and Machairas. On this tour, you will see picturesque mountain and wine villages, you will drive through fragrant citrus orchards and pine forests, while continually passing antique monuments and monasteries from various eras. And, of course, the Zypernbike tours will include visits to nice taverns.

Single Tours

You can decide on location whether you wish to participate in a guided tour of our weekly programme. During the spring season, racing bike reservations are only possible for a minimum of at least one week. Shorter rental periods in case of bike availability can only be confirmed two weeks prior to arrival.

Tours with Shuttle Support

We offer larger tours on a weekly basis with our 15-seat minibus – against surcharge – to show you the most beautiful regions of Cyprus that way. The prices for transfers lie between 15 and 25 Euro, depending on the destination.
The minibus with a bike trailer can be rented on a daily and weekly basis for special groups or teams (capacity: 13 passengers + driver + group leader = 15 persons). This requires booking at least 4 weeks prior to arrival. The price is depending on the desired excursion/cycling programme.

Tours on Your Own Initiative

This option is for all those who wish to be independent of group programmes and organise their cycling trips themselves, while still being excellently equipped and enjoying an outstanding infrastructure. Maps and route plans with all the important information can be viewed in the bike station. Our staff will be pleased to advise you.

Tours with GPS Support

We offer the opportunity to take GPS supported tours without a guide starting from all locations. Therefore, we provide you MTB / Racebike and cross bike tours with various difficulty levels. The GPS devices and the tours can be rented in our bike station on a daily and weekly basis.

Examples for Roadebike Cyprus Tours in Our Cycling Region

Roadbike – Level 1 – Hobby group
50-70 km – up to 600 MASL – 18-21 km/h. Appropriate for anyone looking for a somewhat more active holiday – comfortable and appreciative, on undulate terrain, with some shorter hilly challenges.

Example: Level 1 – Governors Beach (51 km, 417 MASL)


Roadbike – Level 2 – Tour Group
60-120 km – up to 1200 MASL – 20-25 km/h – For anyone cycling on a regular basis with a certain degree of experience – longer and shorter speedy periods, undulate terrain and hilly challenges.

Example: Level 2 – Pano Lefkara (78 km, 1069 MASL)

Roadbike – Level 3 – Speed group
80 -220 km – up to 2300 MASL – 27-30 km/h – For anyone seeking the ultimate challenge and preparing for competitions like, e.g., the Transalp – undulate and hilly fast tracks with short, intense ascents and extensive pass crossings as well as breath-taking downhill routes.