Cycling map of Cyprus

The cycling regions of Cyprus – a guidance system for racing- and MT-biker

With our bike map, we want to offer all persons interested in a cycling holiday in Cyprus a neutral aid to decision-making and additional, useful information. As Cyprus’ leading provider for cycling holidays, “Zypernbike” feels obliged to openly show much information so that as many cycling-friends as possible discover Cyprus as the number one travel destination.

municipal area, heavy local traffic including heavy goods traffic, many construction sites, loud, dusty, unattractive, not suited for racing- and MT-biker
rolling to hilly, few or no flat tracks, heavier traffic in the municipal area and the coastal area, only limitedly suited for RR-GA-training in Spring, well-suited for MTB in the hinterland
flat area, almost no slopes, mountains relatively far away, heavier traffic from March to October, monotonous area characterized by agriculture, RR-area with little demand, unattractive for MTB
hilly to mountainous area (up to 1950m), very demanding, little traffic, great cycling area for RR-mountain-racer and trained MT-biker, beautiful landscape
best RR-area of Cyprus, flat, rolling, hilly, mountainous – all forms of topography available, huge road network, moderate to little traffic in the hinterland, smaller range of tours in the coastal area for MTB, in the hinterland great tours for higher ambitions and demands
attractive MTB-area round Polis and the peninsula Akamas, only limitedly suited for RR because of the lack of roads and relatively heavy traffic

With few exceptions, road surface (asphalt) and conditions of Cyprus are good to very good. Signposting is mediocre, partly bad.

The road maps available at present are inaccurate and only limitedly helpful, as e.g. MTB-tracks are not marked. Only few streets in Troodos have been marked. These markings are incomplete already after only a short time and also full of gaps.

In particular, trekking tourists have to respect the demanding topography of Cyprus and plan their stages very carefully, including accommodation and supply of spare parts. Camping outside camp sites is strictly prohibited due to the permanent danger of forest fire.